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Gradually her anus stretched and became looser, allowing us to easily fuck her in the ass while Ruslan and Igor shoved her in the mouth. At one point, Ruslan took Kristina by the hair, turned her head in his direction, and began pissing into the wide-open mouth of the slut. After that, Igor did the same to her. We decided to switch, and already Ruslan and Igor were fucking her in the ass, while we took turns pissing in her mouth and letting her suck it afterwards. Then we put her on our knees on the floor and bent her head to the floor, turning her head to the side. Oleg let her suck his dick, and then he poked her in her fucked up ass and cum. After that we moved on to the real test of strength. We all washed up and went our separate ways. I was still angry and wanted to get out of the fucking group sex and go back to my place. Already going up the stairs, I met Oleg. He suggested that I go with him to his room. I agreed, and we went up to the floor. The door was ajar, and I entered. Ruslan was sitting on the bed and at the computer, and Oleg was standing there jerking off. I immediately noticed Ruslan's wrinkled fuck after sex and his cum on the table. Oleg noticed me, too, and came over. I threw my bag on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. -Did you like it when I fucked you? - Oleg asked. -No, not really," I answered. -I did not notice that you were satisfied," said Oleg. Ruslan turned to us, pulled up his jeans and said: -Boys, you're fucking my girl again. And she sent me pictures of herself yesterday and promised to come tomorrow. So you know how I feel about that. I want to sleep with her tonight. Oleg, lazily rubbing his dick, reached out, took it and said to Oleg: -Well, if you want to fuck, and your girl does too, go ahead. Oleg turned to me, "Let's go take a shower. I followed him. Under the shower we threw off our wet pants and bras. Oleg inserted his cock into Christina and began to fuck her. Several times as he moved, I felt the clicking strokes of his cock as if he was charging his stun gun. We were both horny to the extreme. Oleg fucked Christina in his mouth one at a time and cummed into her.

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While Christine was sucking the rest of the sperm from his cock, Igor entered her asshole and after a few sharp thrusts he came down inside. I could not stand it any longer, and immediately after Igor, I also poured Christine's cum into her asshole, giving her a mouthful afterwards. I was so horny that I could not interrupt this process and so I cum in my ass. Igor and Kristina were in a state of euphoria and I decided to ask a question that interested me: 

 - Why are you so excited? Were you going to go up each other's asses again? 

 - I was in the mood. - Igor answered me. 

 - And when it was over 

 - Let's see. 

 Kristina took out her purse mirror and pulled out a card. 

 I realized from her reflection that she was a virgin. 

 I walked over to the bed and turned on my laptop. Pictures of erotic content began to appear on the monitor screen, and judging by the data that they were, which Christina immediately inserted, they were very dirty. I had a question, and what is Christina doing here, probably went with Igor... 

 - Kristina was sending me pictures. 

 I stared at her in amazement; it was totally ridiculous to me that Christina could photograph anyone else in her car, and even in such a candid manner. 

 Igor and Kristina had already almost completely collapsed, and she was lying on the bed completely naked. I could not help it and still took off my panties, along with the bra, but just entered, as Christina shouted: 

 So you're wearing another one, see. 

 I turned around and looked at her ass. 

 Her breasts were completely engulfed in Igor's ass, Christina sat down on the bed and shoved her already hardened cock into her hole... 

 I decided to get down to business, namely, what I wanted to do for a long time. 

 I stayed on the bed in my underpants and started to take off my clothes. I took off my shirt and T-shirt and put them on the bed. Without really thinking about it, I put on my jeans, left the room, and went to the shower. 

 In the bathroom I did go in to see what they were up to, but they were gone, all naked flying around the apartment. I walked up behind Kristina and started rubbing her back. She came to her senses pretty quickly and got up from the bed, asked Igor for some cream to work her ass quicker, and literally fucked me from head to toe.

Craig Witthaus is an artist in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. He has been sailing since he was five years old, and his sailing experience shows in the authentic design of the boats and hydroponics and “set” of the sails in his work. He has settled on oil painting as his primary medium, with a focus on landscapes, gardens and sailing themes. Also we have answers about gardening and hydroponic systems.